Advanced Spiritual Living Courses


Want to go deeper in your spiritual journey?

Eckankar offers unique, year-long, spiritual self-discovery courses. These courses are one of the many benefits that come with ECK membership. The first series is The Easy Way Discourses, powerful lessons to unlock the wisdom already inside each of us.

It includes topics such as:


  • Set Your Sights on God
  • Karma or Sin?
  • The Logic of Reincarnation
  • What is Spiritual Living?
  • Access to the Inner Worlds


The ECK discourses are written with an internal rhythm that gradually unfolds your consciousness to the divine within yourself. Each lesson includes a new spiritual exercise and reflective activities. These methods are a step-by-step plan that breaks up old, ingrained patterns and offers new keys to enlightenment.

Along with studying this incredible discourse is the opportunity to join a local spiritual study class called Satsang. In an ECK Satsang Class you can meet like-hearted spiritual seekers, each with their own experiences and questions. These classes are a powerful way to explore the ECK teachings and your own divine nature.

You are welcome to visit an ECK Satsang Class as our guest. It’s a great way to see what it’s like and whether it fits you. Contact for more information.