Welcome to Eckankar in North Carolina

We invite you to explore the many Eckankar activities in the region. There are ECK worship services, book discussions, workshops and seminars. Everyone is warmly welcome to attend any of these events. For specific information on your area go to our Events & Locations page.

Spiritual Experiences Guidebook and Workshops

Go beyond meditation and learn to actively explore the inner worlds of your own being. The Spiritual Experiences Guidebook, presented by Eckankar, will provide you with spiritual exercises to enrich your daily life and reveal the love of God in your own heart.

Eckankar in North Carolina provides workshops based on the Spiritual Experiences Guidbook. Visit our Events Page to see a listing of Workshops provided throughout North Carolina.

Experience the Light and Sound of God

Eckankar teaches that there is an audible life current known as the ECK, or Holy Spirit, that connects each of us with the heart of God. Through study and practice of the Spiritual Exercises of ECK, we learn to recognize the Light and Sound of God as It touches our lives and increases divine love.

To learn more about Eckankar, visit Eckankar's Official Site.

Harold Klemp is the spiritual leader of Eckankar. His inspiring talks and writings, and his practical approach to spirituality, help thousands of people worldwide find greater freedom, wisdom, and love. In addition, he serves as the inner guide, the Mahanta, and is also known as the Living ECK Master.


The Easy Way - A Year Long Advanced Spiritual
Study Program

The Easy Way is a yearlong advanced spiritual study program that comes with membership in Eckankar. As you study the teachings of ECK, you will find a series of changes in your heart and mind that can make you a better, stronger, and happier person.

The path of ECK is for those who embrace the gift of life. Life does reveal its mysteries, but only to those with a pure and selfless heart. The Easy Way Discourses are a portal for you to enter the secret worlds, to go from the outer teachings to the inner wisdom.

If you are interested in joining this spiritual adventure, we invite you to contact one of our ECK Centers closest to you.